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Welcome to Indy Laser Tattoo Removal™!

Our goal is to provide the Indianapolis, Indiana community and surrounding areas with a safe, effective, and affordable tattoo removal service. It is estimated that more than 10 million Americans have at least one tattoo yet, in the last decade tattoo removal has become an even bigger business and it is estimated that more than 50% of individuals who have a tattoo, later regret having it and want it removed. With the recent advances in medical technology, laser therapy has become the gold standard for removal of tattoos. If you have a tattoo that you wish to have partially or completely removed, laser tattoo removal is the most effective approach.


“Paying It Forward” because we know you had a choice in Tattoo Removal Services and we are glad you have chosen Us!

Because we know every little bit helps and we value you as a prospective patient, please ask about our “Grab Bag Bonus Buck in Office Give-Away” when you schedule your first appointment.  Your “grab” will save you from $10.00 – $90.00 off your first session.

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